tibbr Mobile!

The most popular mobile solution for enterprise social networking needs


Do real work with your device: There’s a native app for the most popular smartphones and tablets.

See what’s happening back at the office: Don’t miss a thing just because you’re away from your desk ― interact with colleagues as if you were there.

Discover what’s happening around you: Intelligent filtering makes sure you see what’s most important to you based on the time and place you’re looking.

Do what you’d do on your desktop: Review proposals, give feedback, approve or deny POs and expenses, and post rich media files like photos and videos.

Never miss a conversation: Whenever someone likes, replies to, or shares a post, you get real-time notifications that let you respond and take direct action.

Chat without changing apps: Have secure, real-time conversations with colleagues anywhere in your network without launching a separate chat app.

Geo-locate the locals: Know who’s nearby when you travel ― learn about local coworkers, clients or customers and see their latest posts.

Augment your awareness: Discover subjects and conversations happening near your current location using augmented reality technology.

tibbr Mobile

tibbr Geo

Wherever you work, you need access to contextual information. What if instead of checking into a location, the location checks into you? tibbr Geo is the first enterprise social networking platform to bring these locations to life by turning physical places into data hubs that stream important insights relevant to that specific location to you.


Simplicity: People already know how to use it.

Get a social experience people already love: The instantly familiar interface means people can start using tibbr immediately without a long learning curve or expensive training.

Help new employees ramp up to speed fast: Make new hires productive in minutes, not months — give them a place to ask questions and find the information they need to get started.

Integration: Use Social Bus™ gadgets inside your applications and vice-versa.

Use the applications that your business uses: Work seamlessly with SharePoint, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and a growing list of other top-shelf enterprise-grade applications.

Bring the power of collaboration into other apps: Extend discussions from other apps into tibbr for more collaboration — carry over participants, profiles, comments, and more.

Get everyone working in one place: Use tibbr with your other business applications — two-way integration means people using different apps can contribute to the same project.

Customization: You're not locked-in to our look.

Modify it to look like you made it: Completely customize the look and feel of the user interface — change its name, logo, masthead, splash screen, color scheme, and more.

Make it super-simple or feature-packed: Enable or disable content blocks and functionality with one click, or simply rearrange them to suit your company’s needs.


As a global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric needed to revolutionize its business processes. Schneider chose tibbr to discover in-house expertise, to collaborate more effectively across regions, and to create a single destination for all knowledge.


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Other tibbr Products

tibbr for Microsoft Outlook

With tibbr for Microsoft Outlook, you can run tibbr within Outlook and take advantage of their capabilities.


tibbr Pages

With the tibbr Pages app, you can create rich documents that include videos, graphics, formatting, and the like, as you wish. If desired, you can also leverage material from tibbr and various media sources, such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


tibbr for Microsoft Sharepoint

Embed collaboration with customizable activity feeds, Team Site collaboration, richer employee profiles, device-agnostic mobile access, document-centric sharing and commenting, and a whole lot more.


tibbr®, tibbr® Service...

With tibbr you can post news and updates, ask questions, make announcements, or share ideas using a familiar, social network user interface.


tibbr for salesforce

With tibbr Salesforce App, you can collaborate with your colleagues on Salesforce records that are of interest to you. That is, you can browse, share, or comment on the records.


tibbr Ideas

tibbr Ideas is a tibbr app that collects ideas created by you or your colleagues and that enables posting of feedback, sharing, and other related operations.


tibbr tasks

tibbr Tasks enables you to manage projects through activities, such as creating task lists and tasks for projects; assigning tasks to colleagues; inviting colleagues to become project members; and viewing task-specific posts.