TIBCO WebFOCUS®, TIBCO iWay® Service Manager, TIBCO® Data Migrator, TIBCO Omni-Gen®, and TIBCO FOCUS®

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TIBCO WebFOCUS is a complete, web-ready data access and reporting system that connects users to data. It accesses and processes information located in any format on any platform and presents that information to users through a web browser or through formats, such as PDF, XLS, and XML. Using HTML and user-friendly GUI tools, developers can build powerful webpage interfaces that enable users to create and view charts and reports as stand-alone items, or within compound visualizations. Data access, network communications, and server operations are provided through TIBCO WebFOCUS technology, which accesses data without concern for the complexities and incompatibilities of different operating systems, databases, file systems, file formats, and networks.

TIBCO® Data Migrator

TIBCO® Data Migrator, represents a broad category of tools designed to facilitate and automate the extraction and integration of data from various sources. At various points during the process, from source extraction through target load, data is transformed through the application of business rules. Once the transformation is complete, the data is loaded into table structures that have been optimized for a particular application.

TIBCO iWay® Service Manager

TIBCO iWay Service Manager is an integration server that ensures rapid access to timely, accurate data across all systems, processes, and stakeholders—with unmatched interoperability between disparate systems and data. With TIBCO Service Manager, all aspects of your existing infrastructure—every integration, application, and development platform—work in concert with modernized architectures to rapidly develop new business applications, and create powerful, reusable business services from existing applications. This support for modern architectures ensures a highly optimized development environment and rapid creation of internally and externally consumable services.

TIBCO Service Manager offers end-to-end integration of the widest variety of sources, including real-time, batch, streaming, big data, structured and unstructured information, cloud-based sources, social network, and machine-generated data.

TIBCO Omni-Gen®

TIBCO Omni-Gen® is a data integration and mastering platform that enables rapid, model-driven implementation of master data management (MDM), Data Quality (DQ), match/merge, data cleansing, and data integration projects. The Omni-Gen® approach supports a top-down design process, encourages best practices, automates the implementation of many features, and decreases both risk and time to value.

TIBCO Omni-HealthData® healthcare applications allow payer and provider organizations to acquire, manage, and analyze their information more effectively using business intelligence, analytics, data integration, data quality, and master data management technologies. Omni-HealthData® is offered in two editions, the Payer Edition and the Provider Edition.

TIBCO Omni-Insurance™ enables rapid, model-driven implementation of master data management (MDM), data cleansing, and data integration projects in a secure, scalable platform. Omni-Insurance is the most flexible and performant version of its comprehensive insurance data management platform to date.

TIBCO Omni-Gen® MDM for Single Domain is a prepackaged solution for mastering the Customer domain. It provides all of the required components, including a predefined model, Data Quality rules, and Governance Console perspectives. This all-in-one prepackaged mastering solution can also be extended to meet specific client requirements and demands.


TIBCO FOCUS is a complete information control system with comprehensive features for entering, maintaining, retrieving, and analyzing data. It is designed for use both by users with no formal training in data processing and by data processing professionals who need powerful tools for developing complete applications.

The non-procedural FOCUS language is designed to replace traditional programming languages in most application programming situations. The simplicity of the command syntax in the language stems from the fact that it uses simple English phrases that enable most new users to start producing meaningful reports immediately.

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