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TIBCO® Object Service Broker 6.0.0

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TIBCO® Object Service Broker is a mainframe-resident and open systems-resident application development environment and integration broker. It can be used to rapidly create the applications required for a services- enabled environment. Object Service Broker can also be used to broker interactions between legacy and non-legacy databases and applications.

Object Service Broker, which runs natively on z/OS, Windows and Solaris, includes a dynamic repository and a high-level business process rules engine. Its technology and data gateways provide full access to CICS, IMS TM, IMS/DB, VSAM and sequential files, CA-Datacom, CA-IDMS, DB2, Adabas, and Oracle. Its open interfaces include Java Connector Architecture (JCA), JavaBeans, Java Servlet 2.0, COM and .NET, WebSphere MQ, and ODBC, as well as providing XML capabilities. It includes interfaces to TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ and integrates with TIBCO BusinessWorks™ processes via a plug-in.

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