Sets a work item priority, which can be used to indicate the work item’s relative importance.

  • The request must specify the work item ID whose priority should be set.
  • The response returns the ID of the work item.
  • You can change the priority of an individual work item or multiple work items. Depending on your requirements, you have a choice of one of the following:
    • absPriority set a specific numeric priority.
    • offsetPriority. Offset a work item priority by specific value. For example, an employee is away on holiday and you want to offset the priority on all their work items by 20.
Required System Action
  • changeAllocatedWorkItemPriority - This system action allows you to reset the priorities of work items with a status of Allocated and that is allocated to the calling resource.
  • changeAnyWorkItemPriority - This system action allows you to change the work item priority of all work items.
API Descriptions