Organization Model Resources

Resource Description
POST <baseurl>/orgresource/create Creates one or more resources, which causes a GUID to be assigned to each resource, and allows the resources to log into ActiveMatrix BPM applications. (See createResource.)
POST <baseurl>/orgresource/delete Deletes one or more resources and their associated organization mappings. (See deleteResource.)
GET <baseurl>/orgresource/find Finds all resources associated with one or more specified organization model entities. (See findResources.)
POST <baseurl>/orgresource/get/<version> Returns details about one or more specified resources. (See getResource.)
GET <baseurl>/orgresource/archived?<page>&<page-size> Retreives the archived records for deleted Resources. This service accepts an optional paging control, to allow the results to be paged. The results will be ordered by Resource name. (See getDeletedResources).
POST <baseurl>/orgresource/purge Permanently deletes the archived Resource records. The service allows selected records to be purged, or all records to be purged. The response states how many records were purged. (See purgeDeletedResources.)
PUT <baseurl>/orgresource/update Updates the given properties (for example, privileges, capabilities and resource attributes) of the specified resource. (See updateResource.)

Note: You can also add or remove a resource from positions and groups with this operation.

Resource attributes
GET <baseurl>/orgentityconfig/getattr/<resourceid> Get the configuration attribute information currently defined for a resource. (See getOrgEntityConfigAttributes.)
PUT <baseurl>/orgentityconfig/setattr/<resourceid> Set one or more configuration attributes for a resource. (See setOrgEntityConfigAttributes.)
GET <baseurl>/orgentityconfig/getavailattr/<startpos>/<numitems> Get a list of available configuration attributes that can be applied to a resource. (See getOrgEntityConfigAttributesAvailable.)
DELETE <baseurl>/orgentityconfig/deleteattr/<resourceid> Delete one or more configuration attributes for a resource. (See deleteOrgEntityConfigAttributes.)
Resource queries
GET <baseurl>/resourcequery/<modelversion>


POST <baseurl>/resourcequery/<modelversion>

Execute a Resource Query Language (RQL) query to find a set of resources that match specific criteria. (See executeQuery.)

Note: Use the second variant for complex queries.