Use this operation when work on a work item or pageflow has completed. Input and output data associated with the work item is saved to the database. The work item must be Opened, and its state is changed to Completed.

Note: Note that there is a completeWorkItem operation in two services:
  • WorkPresentationService (the one described here) - Use this one if a form was opened when the work item was opened with the openWorkItem operation. This is typically called in response to a user clicking the Submit button on a work item form.
  • WorkItemManagementService - Use this one if the user task was designed to not open a form nor start a pageflow. This would typically be used only in special use-case client applications—see unallocateWorkItem .
  • The request must specify the work item to be completed and also provide the payload.
  • The response returns the execution status, the payload received in the request message, the work type details, presentation details and pageflow details (if any). If the work item is part of a chained group, the response returns the next work item in the group. If the work item is piled, the response returns the next piled work item.
    Note: If the work item is part of a chained group and is also piled, then the chained group takes precedence. Once all the chained work items are executed, the next piled work item is executed.
  • This operation puts the work item into a Completed state. Once completed, no further operations can be performed on the work item.
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