REST API - openNextWorkItem

The table summarizes the REST API - openNextWorkItem.


POST <baseurl>/workitem/presentation/open/next/<userid>
Path parameters userid: GUID of the resource that wants to open the work item.
Query parameters
  • channelid=string (optional, default=openspaceGWTPull_DefaultChannel): Identifier of the channel to which the requesting client application is bound.
  • channeltype=string (optional, default=openspaceChannel): Enumerated value defining the channel type (technology) associated with the specified channelid. For a list of available enumerations, see channeltype enumerations.

    See Identifying the Client Channel in a Service Call for more information.

  • responsetype=string (optional, default = JSON): Enumerated value defining the format of the data payload to be used in the response message - either XML or JSON.
  • worklistviewid=long (optional, default = -1): Identifier of the work list view associated with this work item, used to determine which work item to retrieve.
  • getGlobalValues=boolean (optional, default=false) If you require the values or just the goref itself.


JSON Returns a JSON representation of the contents of a workResponse element.
XML Returns a workResponse element (from the WorkPresentationService schema)


POST <baseurl>/workitem/presentation/open/next/812935E2-06D5-4504-8621-6E5B901702C4
    "xml-fragment": {
        "payloadModel": {
            "@payloadMode": "JSON",
            "serializedPayload": "{items:[{\"$param\":\"UserName\",\"$value\":[\"Jan Vorenson\"],\"type\":\"String\",\"mode\":\"IN\"},{\"$param\":\"PhoneNumber\",\"$value\":[\"678\"],\"type\":\"String\",\"mode\":\"IN\"},{\"$param\":\"Message\",\"$value\":[\"Please call Jan Vorenson at 678.\"],\"type\":\"String\",\"mode\":\"INOUT\"}]}"
        "workTypeDetail": {
            "@uid": "WT__UXUNYCIYEeCnP8eZZTCDGg",
            "@version": "",
            "@typePiled": "false",
            "@pilingLimit": "0",
            "dataModel": {
                "inputs": [
                        "@name": "UserName",
                        "@type": "String",
        "presentation": {
            "@type": "FORM"
        "workItem": {
            "@id": "57",
            "@version": "1"
        "pageFlowDetail": {
            "@moduleName": "/WelcomeUsersImplementSolution/Process Packages/ProcessPackage.xpdl",
            "@moduleVersion": "",
            "@name": "GetInfoFromCustomer",
            "@url": "WelcomeUsersImplementSolution/.bpm/.processOut/pageflow/ProcessPackage.xpdl/GetInfoFromCustomer.bpel",
            "@id": "_djDv4Eq5EeK_uIrE8tUWGA",
            "page-activity": [
                    "@id": "_eYLaAEq5EeK_uIrE8tUWGA",
                    "@name": "Basicinfo",
                    "page-reference": {
                        "@guid": "",
                        "@name": "Basicinfo.gwt.json",