Process Templates

Note: See also Processes and Process Instances.
Resource Description
Process starter operations
GET <baseurl>/process/starteroperation/info/<module>/<process>/<version>/<operation> List the parameter details for a particular starter operation. Starter operations refer to start events of processes. (See getStarterOperationInfo.)
GET <baseurl>/process/list/starterops/<module>/<process>/<version> List available starter operations for one or more process templates. (See listStarterOperations.)
Process templates
GET <baseurl>/process/list/templateattributes List process template attributes. These attributes, which are pre-defined variables and are the same for all process templates, can be used in queries for process templates. (See listProcessTemplateAttributes.)
GET <baseurl>/process/list/template List process templates that match the input criteria. (See listProcessTemplates.)
GET <baseurl>/process/services/list List process templates that have published as a REST service in TIBCO Business Studio. The processes/services returned by this method can be started using the startProcessIncomingReceiveTask. (See listServices.)
Process template queries
GET <baseurl>/process/count/template/<query> Count the number of process templates that match certain criteria. (See queryProcessTemplateCount.)
GET <baseurl>/process/query/template/<query>/<pagesize> Query information about process templates that match specified criteria. (See queryProcessTemplates.)
GET <baseurl>/process/query/templatealt/<select>/<pagesize> List process templates that match certain criteria. (See queryProcessTemplatesAlt.)

Note: This is a variation of queryProcessTemplates in which the query string is divided into its constituent parts.