For work items that are already scheduled, you can change the work item data and reschedule the work item. You can update the work item's schedule period and/or update the work item’s data.

Depending on your requirements, the request can specify:

  • the itemSchedule. This is the work item schedule period to be associated with the work item. If no object is passed then the item schedule period will not be changed. The parameters are:
    • startDate (optional): Earliest date at which the work item can be started.

      A choice of one of the following:

    • maxDuration (optional): Duration of the work item
    • targetDate (optional): Date by which this work item must be finished
  • the itemBody. This is the work item body containing the data changes. If no object is passed then the item body will not be changed. The body is the data as a name/value pair. The parameters are:
    • Parameter: Details of the data fields associated with this work item.
    • complexValue: Value(s) of the complex object. Only one complex value or value will be specified. The value is of xs:anyType as it contains the entire complex object as XML.
    • value: Parameter value(s) - for example, 10.

The response message contains the work item ID.

This operation can be used when the work item is in any state apart from Completed.

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