Testing in TIBCO Business Studio

This section describes how to setup a JDBC Connection to Query and Update tables.


  • Access to a database.


  1. From the File Explorer, navigate to the samples directory and select cloudfoundry > palette > jdbc > Basic and double-click tibco.bwce.sample.palette.jdbc.Basic.
  2. From the Project Explorer expand the tibco.bwce.sample.palette.jdbc.Basic project.
  3. Expand the Module Descriptors folder and double-click Module Properties.
    The JDBC properties defined for the application are displayed in the dialog.

    Provide a valid username, password, and database URL to connect to your database.

  4. Update the values under Module properties and save your project.
  5. Expand the Processes directory and double-click JDBC_TEST.bwp.
  6. Verify your JDBC connection.
    1. Expand the Resources directory.
    2. Double-click JDBCConnection_Oracle.jdbcResource
    3. In JDBC Driver section, click Click Here to Set Preferences.
    4. Click Browse to choose the location of TIBCO DataDirect Driver and then click Apply and the click OK.
    5. Click the Test Connection button to verify the connection.
  7. Click File > Save to save the project.
  8. Click Run > Debug Configurations.
  9. At the left hand tree of Debug Configuration wizard, expand BusinessWorks Application and select BWApplication.
  10. Click the Applications tab and then click the Deselect All button if you have multiple applications. Select the check box next to tibco.bwce.sample.palette.jdbc.Basic.application.
  11. Click Debug.
    This will run the sample in Debug mode.
  12. Click the Terminate icon to stop the process.