Deploying the JDBC Basic Application

The following steps describe how to deploy the application to your Cloud Foundry environment using the cf command line interface tool.


  1. Log into your Cloud Foundry environment using the cf command line interface.
  2. Copy the manifest file from the samples directory to the location where you placed your EAR file in the previous section.
  3. Edit the path variable in the manifest.yml file. Set the path to the location of the EAR file. Check the user provided or managed service name, it should match with the service in your Cloud Foundry environment. Save the file.
    As the manifest file contains the service name, the oracledd service will automatically bind to this application at deployment.
  4. In your Cloud Foundry environment change to the directory where you placed your EAR file.
  5. Execute the following command:
    cf push -f manifest.yml
    To see the log output use the command cf logs <application name> --recent. For example,
    cf logs tibco.bwce.sample.palette.jdbc.Basic.application --recent

    If the application deploys successfully, you will see a similar output in the console log.

     05:16:00.763 INFO [bwEngThread:In-Memory Process Worker-5] c.t.b.p.g.L.t.b.s.p.jdbc.Basic.Log - Records Updated By JDBCUpdate Activity: 1