Understanding the Configuration

This project contains the following processes:
  • The Activator Process (Activator.bwp)

    The BusinessWorks Activator process is used to perform pre-processing and post- processing tasks when the application is started and stopped respectively.

    This contains a process service with two operations: OnStartup and OnShutDown.

    The onStartup operation creates two database tables: order_table and sub_order and the onShutdown operation drops both the tables at the end of the application execution.

  • The JDBC test process (JDBC_TEST.bwp)

    This process uses the JDBC Connection in the Resources folder to establish a connection to the database and to execute SELECT and UPDATE queries. The process first queries the table for a specific record using the JDBC_Query activity and then it updates another table using the JDBC_Update activity. Both activities use prepared parameters as input. This shows the ability to execute the same statement with multiple values by caching the statement at runtime.