Modifying the Application Properties


  1. From the Project Explorer navigate to tibco.bwce.sample.binding.jdbc.Basic.application (as shown in the image) and click on Properties.
    Assuming you have a running oracledd service instance in your Cloud Foundry, follow these steps to update values for the following properties in your PCF profile:
    • JDBC_URL
    The values use the format


    For example,
  2. To update the JDBC_URL property, first click the property name and then click the icon.

    The Cloud Container Service Configuration window is displayed. This window initially contains no values.

  3. Click Configure Cloud Container Connection.
    The Cloud Container Connection Configuration window is displayed.
  4. Specify the configuration properties and click Test Connection to connect to your Cloud Foundry environment to access values of the oracledd service instance.
    If the connection is successful, variables are populated in the Cloud Container Service Configuration window as shown in the next figure.

  5. Choose DB_URL under oracledd and click OK.
  6. Similarly update the USERNAME property. The Cloud Container Service Configuration window will now contain values and you need not click Configure Cloud Container Connection again.
  7. Follow steps in Password Property to modify the PASSWORD value.
  8. Click Save.
    Note: To see the credentials for a managed service in the Cloud Container Service Configuration window, bind the managed service to a dummy application using the cf CLI command:
    cf bind-service <appname> <managed service name>
    For example
    cf bind-service tibco.bwce.sample.binding.jdbc.Basic.application oracledd