EDI Plug-in Overview

This chapter gives an overview of TIBCO Foresight products and TIBCO ActiveMatrix™ BusinessWorks Plug-in for EDI.


Note: TIBCO ActiveMatrix™ BusinessWorks Plug-in for EDI is available in two versions: Standard Edition and Healthcare Edition. HIPAA code table validation is only available in the Healthcare Edition and its bundled Healthcare Editions of TIBCO Foresight® Instream® and TIBCO Foresight® Translator.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix™ BusinessWorks is an easy to use integration product suite for enterprise, web, and mobile applications. It uses the Eclipse graphical user interface (GUI) for defining business processes and the process engine to execute them. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for EDI plugs into TIBCO ActiveMatrix™ BusinessWorks, and provides access to TIBCO Foresight tools for validation and translation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

TIBCO ActiveMatrix™ BusinessWorks supports plug-ins that extend palette functionality. After installing the plug-in, an EDI Palette becomes available in TIBCO Business Studio™. You can add the plug-in activities to the business processes you are designing, and integrate them into the process flow. At runtime, the plug-in activities are executed as part of the TIBCO ActiveMatrix™ BusinessWorks process execution.

The EDI plug-in allows users to:
  • validate data with Instream®
  • generate response documents with Instream's Response Generator functionality
  • split data into valid and invalid types with Instream's Document Splitter functionality
  • translate data with Foresight® Translator
  • utilize additional capabilities to refine output such as prescanning data, incorporating errors, swapping data, modifying errors, and more.

Refer to TIBCO Foresight Overview for more detailed information about these activities.