Spotfire.Dxp.Data.Formats.Sbdf Namespace

TIBCO Spotfire 10.0 API Reference

Public classSbdfColumnMetadata
Represents column-level metadata in SBDF.
Public classSbdfColumnSlice
Represents a read-only block of data in a column.
Public classSbdfColumnSliceBuilder
Defines a builder for SbdfColumnSlice objects.
Public classSbdfFileHeader
Represents the file header (which identifies the file type) of an SBDF file.
Public classSbdfMetadataCollection
Represents metadata for a table or column in SBDF.
Public classSbdfMetadataProperty
Represents a metadata property for a data table or column in Sbdf.
Public classSbdfSectionHeader
Abstract base class for the SBDF section headers. Also provides some internal static utility methods.
Public classSbdfTableMetadata
Represents immutable table and column metadata in SBDF.
Public classSbdfTableMetadataBuilder
Represents table and column metadata in SBDF.
Public classSbdfTableReader
This class provides a simple, row-based interface for importing data from the SBDF format.
Public classSbdfTableSlice
Represents a slice of a data table.
Public classSbdfTableSliceBuilder
A builder class used for constructing a table slice.
Public classSbdfTableWriter
This class provides a simple, row-based interface for exporting data to the SBDF format.
Public classSbdfValueArray
Defines a class for holding and persisting arrays of values.
Public classSbdfValueType
Represents the type of a data value or metadata property in Sbdf.

Public enumerationSbdfSectionTypeId
Type identifiers for SBDF sections and subsections.
Public enumerationSbdfValueArrayArrayEncodingTypeId
Defines the different array encodings.
Public enumerationSbdfValueTypeId
Type identifiers for value types in Sbdf.