Spotfire.Dxp.Forms.Components Namespace

TIBCO Spotfire 10.0 API Reference
The Spotfire.Dxp.Forms.Components namespace contains user interface classes primarily used to build views for visualizations in TIBCO Spotfire Client.

Public classBusyIndicator
Component that shows a busy indication in visualizations.
Public classDragDropHelper
Helper class for drag and drop operations.
Public classDropTargetPopup
Component that displays a popup with drop targets. It is typically used to configure visualization properties via drag and drop.
Public classDropTargetPopupEventArgs
Event data for events raised by the DropTargetPopup and DropTargetPopupItem classes.
Public classDropTargetPopupItem
Represents a drop target in a DropTargetPopup.
Public classPopulateMenuEventArgs
Event data for adding ToolStripMenuItem objects to a TitleBarExtension or a VisualizationContextMenu.
Public classPopulateTitleBarEventArgs
Event data for adding ToolStripButton objects to a TitleBarExtension.
Public classTitleBarExtension
Component that enables extending the title bar of custom visuals and visualizations.
Public classVirtualTreeViewModel
Base class that represents the model for VirtualTreeView. Provides view nodes and handles state.
Public classVirtualTreeViewNode
Represents a node in VirtualTreeView.
Public classVisualizationContextMenu
Component that enables extending the visualization context menu.

Public enumerationVirtualTreeViewNodeCheckState
Represents check states for check boxes of virtual tree view.