Spotfire.Dxp.Framework.Library Namespace

TIBCO Spotfire 10.0 API Reference
The Spotfire.Dxp.Framework.Library namespace contains exceptions thrown when saving to and loading from the library.

Public classLibraryException
Exceptions thrown for errors encountered at Library service communications.
Public classLibraryItem
Represents an item in the library.
Public classLibraryItemCollection
Represents a collection of items.
Public classLibraryItemMetadataSettings
Specifies how the metadata of a library item shall be changed.
Public classLibraryItemProperty
Represents a property of a library item.
Public classLibraryItemPropertyCollection
Holds a collection of library item properties.
Public classLibraryItemRetrievalOption
Describes a metadata kind that shall be retrieved from the library when it is queried.
Public classLibraryItemSignature
Identifies an item in the library. Provides access to the subset of the metadata associated with the item that can be used to find the item in the library.
Public classLibraryItemType
Represent the type of a library item.
Public classLibraryLinks
Declares methods for retrieving links of different types for a library item. If the resulting link should contain the path to the library item use Uri.AbsoluteUri on the resulting uri for a correct string representation for http or https related links in order to comply with different browsers and systems and Uri.ToString() for TIBCO Spotfire uri. See RFC 3986 and related discussions.
Public classLibraryLinksOption
Options that are used to specified the format for links to library items.
Public classLibraryManager
Provides access to the TIBCO Spotfire library. An instance of this class is available as a service on the user level.

Public enumerationLibraryExceptionFaultCode
Fault codes for LibraryExceptions.