Spotfire.Dxp.Framework.Persistence Namespace

TIBCO Spotfire 10.0 API Reference
The Spotfire.Dxp.Framework.Persistence namespace contains classes that handle persistence.

Public classDeserializationContext
The context used when a DocumentNode is deserialized.
Public classEmbeddedResource
Represents an resource that is embedded in the DXP file.
Public classImmutableEmbeddedResource
Represents a resource that can owned by the document and embedded in the DXP file.
Public classNotPersistedAttribute
Used to markup types that are not intended to be persisted when the document is saved to a file.
Public classPersistenceContextBase
Public classPersistenceVersionAttribute
Used to markup the persistence version of a class in order to support the writing of backwards compatible classes.
Public classSerializationContext
The context used when a DocumentNode is serialized.

Public structureSupportedFileExtension
Represents a supported file extension, including a description.