Spotfire.Dxp.Framework.Threading Namespace

TIBCO Spotfire 10.0 API Reference
The Spotfire.Dxp.Framework.Threading namespace contains classes used to create jobs and work items that are retrieved on background threads.

Public classCacheableObject
A class that carries a cachable object.
Public classCachingBehavior
The caching behavior for ImmutableResult given the WorkerFactory.
Public classSafeMonitor
This class encapsulates the complexity around handling Monitor.Enter / Monitor.Wait when called on the UI-thread on Vista; the thread can be hi-jacked and messages will be pumped (including WM_PAINT) which potentially can cause deadlocks. This class keeps track of the UI thread and handles calls to Enter and Wait in a safe way.
Public classThreadingModel
Specifies the threading model for a Worker.
Public classWorkDispatcher
Base class for typed work dispatchers.
Public classWorkDispatcherTItem
Allows work items to be queued and sent to a worker for processing. A work dispatcher is created by the work manager service.
Public classWorker
Base class for workers. A worker processes work items on a background thread. To create a custom worker, inherit from CustomWorker.
Public classWorkerTModel, TItem
Generic base class for workers. To create a custom worker, inherit from CustomWorker and implement either DoWorkCore or DoBatchWorkCore
Public classWorkerFactory
Base class for all factory classes that create Worker instances. To create a custom worker factory, inherit from CustomWorkerFactory.
Public classWorkerFactoryTWorker, TModel
Template base class for all factory classes that create Worker instances.
Public classWorkItem
Base class for work items. Inherit from this class to declare custom worker input and result properties.
Public classWorkManager
Manages workers and work dispatchers. It is available as a global service.

Public delegateSafeMonitorWaitUntilFalseComputer
Used for determining the condition for waiting on a Monitor. Shall return false when the condition is satisfied and the calling thread should stop waiting.
Public delegateWorkerModelChangedHandlerTItem
Delegate for handling worker model changed events.
Public delegateCode exampleWorkItemHandlerTItem
Delegate for handling processed work items. The handler must call ReturnItem when it is finished with the work item.