Recursive Partitioning Trees
Package description
arborRecursive Partitioning and Regression Trees
arbor.anovaSet Up for anova Method for an Arbor Model
arbor.classSet Up for Class Method for an Arbor Model
arbor.controlControl for Arbor Models
arbor.matrixCreate a Model Matrix for Arbor
arbor.objectRecursive Partitioning and Regression Trees Object
labels.arborCreate Split Labels for an Arbor Object
model.frame.arborCreate a Model Frame for Fitting an Arbor Object
na.arborHandles Missing Values in an Arbor Object
predict.arborPredictions from a Arbor Object
print.arborPrint an Arbor Object
printcpDisplays CP table for Fitted Arbor Object
prune.arborCost-complexity Pruning of an Arbor Object
residuals.arborResiduals from an Arbor Object
summary.arborSummarize an Arbor Object
xpred.arborReturn Cross-Validated Predictions
Package arbor version 6.0.0-68
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