Event Class


The timeEvent class represents events that occur at specific calendar times. It is useful for one-time events (for example, the Gulf War), recurring events (for example, holidays or market opening and closing times), and multiple related events (for example, the numbered Olympic games, OPEC meetings, or hurricanes).


The timeEvent class is set up to hold vectors of starting and ending times of events, as well as an identifier for each event, which can be stored in any vector object. These three vectors are stored as columns of a groupVec. The timeEvent class extends the groupVec class.
Create objects of class timeEvent either by using the timeEvent function, or by coercing any positionsCalendar object to timeEvent using as.
Objects from the Class
Create objects using calls of the form new("timeEvent", ...) or timeEvent.
(list) (from groupVec). Always should be a list with three elements.
(character) (from groupVec). Always c("start", "end", "IDs").
(character) (from groupVec). Always c("positionsCalendar", "positionsCalendar", "ANY").
See Also
groupVec class, positionsCalendar class, timeEvent function.
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