Constructor Function For timeSpan Class


Constructs an object of class timeSpan.


timeSpan(charvec, in.format, format, julian, ms)


You can call this function with no arguments. If you supply any arguments, at least one of charvec, julian, or ms must be present.
charvec the character vector to parse.
in.format the time span input format for parsing. Defaults to timeDateOptions("tspan.in.format").
format the output format to apply to the returned object. Defaults to timeDateOptions("tspan.out.format").
julian the integer vector of days of the time span. Can be a non-integer if ms is missing, in which case the fractional part represents fractions of days.
ms an integer vector of milliseconds of the time span.


returns a timeSpan object constructed from the input. If you provide no arguments, returns the default (empty) timeSpan object.
See Also
timeSpan class, format.timeSpan.
timeSpan(c( "378d 21h 04min 36s 365MS", "378 d", "1y, 13d, 21h 4MS")) 
timeSpan(julian=c(398, 399, 400), ms=c(298392, 3, 0)) 
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