Create a signalSeries object


Creates an object of class signalSeries


signalSeries(data, positions., units, units.position, from = 1, by = 1)


data (ANY) the variable data, which can be any data object for which is.rectangular is TRUE, such as a data.frame, matrix, or atomic vector.
positions. (positions) the x values for the variables, which must be of type positionsNumeric. If not given, then the positions are computed using the numSeq function with the from and by.
units (character) the units for the data.
units.position (character) the units for the positions slot.
from the start of the sequence.
by the increment for the sequence.
See Also
signalSeries class, numericSequence class.
signalSeries( pos=1:10 , data = 1:10)
signalSeries(data=data.frame(x=1:10, y=11:20), from=2, by=2)
Package splusTimeSeries version 6.0.0-68
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