LogLogic® Unity is a sleek, modern, and scalable platform enabling technical teams to resolve open issues that require advanced troubleshooting techniques, complex root cause analysis, or deep forensics.

LogLogic Unity is a Log processing Search & Alerting tool that takes data from any source and structures that data. This allows for intuitive, fast, and complete interaction with data, resulting in faster turnaround from open to close in issue resolution. Its powerful Web User Interface (UI) enables fast and flexible searching, correlation, and alerting. This provides operational insights into infrastructure and application performance and security events.

Key Features

  • Modular search queries: Use all or part of saved search filters to build new search queries using new building Blok technology.
  • Multiple search queries: Run multiple searches at the same time.
  • Working data sets: Work with multiple search results without losing what you are working on. Walk away and come back without losing your search results.
  • Data lookup: Enrich your experience with lookup tables enhancing search and alerting capabilities.
  • Data at rest correlation: Perform advanced correlation against historical data to identify trends.
  • Data in motion correlation: Maintain advanced correlation in memory to identify key patterns for alerting.
  • Comprehensive APIs: Leverage core functionality using intuitive APIs built on Representational State Transfer (REST).
  • Scalable clustering technology: Scale horizontally as needed to maintain performance and storage.

The LogLogic Unity architectural view is shown in the following illustration: