Real-Time SOAP-Based APIs

TIBCO Reward’s real-time APIs are used to add, retrieve, update, or delete one record at a time, with almost instantaneous response to the request for service.

Clients most often use real-time data transfer to get, add or update customer data, or to get or update a customer’s reward balance in operational systems. For data security, this data is sent via https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer).

Real-time APIs are for client companies who require near-real-time processing, and who can dedicate technical resources to the project. Typically, the real-time SOAP-based APIs provide for POS, ecommerce Shopping Cart sites, and/or Payment Terminals or Gateways. Implementing a real-time API requires additional effort, including programming, from the client’s technical staff. This data transfer method is meant for experienced programmers already familiar with web services and programming via SOAP-based APIs.

Features and benefits:

  • Near instantaneous data exchange.
  • Real-time SOAP-based API.
  • Supports POS and/or Payment Terminals or Gateways.
  • Solutions can be different for each channel.
  • Can mix real-time with batch by location and/or channel.

TIBCO Reward’s SOAP-based APIs provide a simple language- and platform-independent interface that enables implementers to work in whatever language and platform they are most comfortable. The only requirements are that the implementation language and platform support HTTPS and XML. For more information on SOAP see: