TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services data files

You might be called on to manage data files associated with Spotfire Statistics Services.

These data files are located in SPSERVER_HOME/data/ (in the case of a stand-alone) or in SPSERVER_SHARE/data/ (in the case of a cluster).

Directory Description
appdata For internal use only.
artifacts For internal use only.
binaries Contains the compressed directories for the engines available to use with Spotfire Statistics Services. Used only for updating TERR engines, or for adding or updating an open -source R engine.
common Contains the common persistent data that is shared with all users, as specified by calling the function spserver.file(user.name="").

For more information, see the TIBCO Spotfire® Statistics Services User's Guide, Managing Transient and Persistent Data.

packages For internal use. Contains any uploaded language packages. Created only when a package is uploaded
requests For internal use. Contains data objects sent via a request to the server. Created only when a request containing a data object is submitted to the server. (Simple validation tests do not cause this directory to be created.)
results For internal use. Contains job results. Specified in the function spserver.results.file(). This directory is managed by the server and automatically cleaned up.
sessions For internal use. Contains temporary session data. This directory is managed by the server and automatically cleaned up.
spserver For internal use. Contains the functions used by the server engine processes.
users Contains user-specific persistent data. Specified by spserver.file (user.name="<user>").