Permissions are always set on folders, never on items.

The following lists the levels of permissions that can be set for a folder in the library:

The Library Administrator Group

There is a group called Library Administrator that is always present in the Spotfire system. Members of this group will override any permission levels in the library, and have full control of the entire library. By default, members of this group are also the only ones allowed to create, delete and change permissions for top level folders.


By default, a subfolder inherits the permissions of its parent folder. This holds true for entire chains of subfolders in the library. However, if you have Full Control of a folder, you can edit the permissions for it and specify the exact permissions that you want it to have. When explicit permissions are set for a folder, the inheritance from the parent folder (or any folder higher up in the hierarchy) is completely severed.

It is important to note that for a user to be able to browse the contents of a folder, he must also have Browse + Access permission for the parent folder, and its parent folder, and so on all the way to the top level of the library. If the Browse + Access permission is removed for a folder in the hierarchy, the user cannot browse to any folders further down that folder structure regardless of the permissions set for such folders.

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