Details on Connection

This dialog is used to configure a connection to Note that you need to install a driver on your computer to access the connector. See the system requirements at for more information. You can also view Getting Started with Connectors to learn more about getting access to connectors in Spotfire.

Note: The connector only supports importing data (in-memory). Keeping the data external, for in-database analysis, is not supported.

  1. Select Tools > Manage Data Connections.

  2. Click Add New > Data Connection and select

  1. Select File > Add Data Tables.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Select Connection To >





The username you wish to use when logging in to the database.

Password (followed by security token if applicable)

The password for the specified username. You need to include the security token as part of the password.

If your password is MyPassword, and your security token is 123456789, you should enter MyPassword123456789 here.

See the official documentation to learn more about security tokens.

Sandbox URL (optional)

In the text field, specify the URL to the Sandbox server you want to log in to.


Leave this field empty to log in to your regular account.

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