TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Business Author User's Guide


The Find tool is a fast way to find contents in your data. It consists of a text field where you enter a search string and a list of results for the search.

Find text field

To access the tool, click Find Find buttonon the menu bar, or Ctrl+F.

You can enter search criteria to find, for example,

  • actions that you want to perform
  • pages and visualizations in your analysis
  • certain data values for marking purposes
  • library items that you want to open.
Last, but not least, you can
  • enter data column names and get visualizations recommended to you.


In the analysis below, there are three pages (Furniture sales, Garden sales, and Toys sales), and a data column named Toys. If you enter Toys as search criterion, you get visualizations based on the Toys column recommended to you, which you can add to the analysis through a simple click.

Moreover, the search gives that a page includes Toys in its page title, and lists also the visualizations on that page. Simply click any of the listed items to access it.

Tip: Additional examples of what can be entered in the search field are:
  • y:sales will list all visualizations with Sales on the y-axis.
  • sales category:page will only list all pages with "sales" in the title.