TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Business Author User's Guide

Getting started with visualization mod development

To get started, a developer of a mod needs a running instance of a Spotfire client, and a source code editor. Examples of visualization mods, which can serve as starting point for developers, are available for download. The examples are built using the Visual Studio Code editor, and it is possible to get a live preview of the mod within the Spotfire client while developing.

About this task

In the Getting Started guide on GitHub, you find complete information about mod development such as prerequisites, how to get started, and technical details. 

The procedure below covers the actions needed to create a new visualization mod. As a starting point, the js-dev-barchart example is used. It is one of the examples provided by Spotfire, and it can be downloadeded from GitHub. The procedure describes how to get started with mod development using Visual Studio Code as your code editor.

Note: When you obtain third-party software or services, it is your responsibility to ensure you understand the license terms associated with such third-party software or services and comply with such terms.


  1. Make sure data is loaded into an analysis.
  2. On the menu bar, select Tools > Development > Create visualization mod.
    An area for the visualization mod is allocated. The puzzle icon in the visualization mod title indicates that you can develop the mod.

    Create visualization mod
  3. Click GitHub to access and download a zip archive with the example mod projects to start the development from.
  4. Extract the downloaded zip archive locally.
    A number of examples are provided.
  5. In Visual Studio Code, open the folder containing the example mod project you want to start from (in this case the js-dev-barchart project).
    Note: Check the README.md file in the project to get more detailed information.
  6. Select Terminal > Run Build Task to start a development server.
  7. Copy the server's URL that becomes available in a browser tab.
  8. In Spotfire, click Connect to project.
    The development popup opens.

    Connect to project
  9. Select Development server in the popup. Live previews will be available while developing.
    The popup below is shown.

  10. Paste the copied URL in the text field Add URL to connect to the development server, and click Connect.
    The visualization mod is shown in the allocated area (this example shows a basic bar chart). The puzzle icon gets a green filled circle indicating that the visualization mod is connected to the development server.
  11. In Visual Studio Code, start editing the mod example project.
    Note: When you save the changes in Visual Studio Code, the changes will be reflected in Spotfire automatically.

    If changes are made in the mod-manifest.json file, you must click Reload manifest to update the visualization mod.

  12. To save the visualization, see Saving a visualization mod to the library.