TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Business Author User's Guide

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Analyses can serve different purposes. Some might be used for performing advanced analytics, and some as display of informative summaries in dashboards, some are intended for a small group of people and some for a big audience. To serve different users' needs, for one-way as well as two-way communication, there are a number of possibilities available.

  • You can save an analysis to the library. Then you and your colleagues can work together on it, keeping everyone up to date.
  • While working on an analysis, you and your colleagues can have a conversation by adding comments into the visualizations, or, if it is a one-way communication, you can add annotations, for example, to guide a user through the analysis.
  • You can capture bookmarks of analysis views with interesting findings. Other users, or you, can then easily return to these specific views.
  • You can export an analysis to Powerpoint and to a PDF document. An ad-hoc PDF export results in a nice output, but you can also, by using more advanced export settings, prepare PDF reports.
  • By applying customized visual themes, you can create good-looking analyses to be consumed, for example, on dashboards.
  • The responsiveness of the analysis layout makes the experience nice also when consuming analyses on smaller screens.

The image below exemplifies a conversation within an analysis: