TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Business Author User's Guide

Specifying minimum acceptable page size

To ensure the information in the visualizations on an analysis page is readable no matter which screen size is used, you can specify a minimum acceptable width and height of the area used for the visualizations.

About this task

When the window is resized for any reason, so that the width or height falls below its specified acceptable value, horizontal and vertical scroll bars are inserted to keep the size of the content. The breakpoints, when this layout switch should take place for an analysis page, can be specified.


  1. Make sure the analysis page is active.
  2. Right-click its page tab, and select Page layout options.
    The Page layout options dialog opens.
  3. Beneath Use fixed page size when, select the check boxes Width less than and Height less than respectively to enable specification of the two measures.
  4. Specify, in pixels, the width and height breakpoints for the switch of layout.
    Tip: If you want to use the current width or height of the analysis page as breakpoints, click Set to current width and Set to current height, respectively.
  5. Click Close.

    Note: The Use mobile layout when setting overrides the settings made for the minimum acceptable page size.