TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Business Author User's Guide

This is Spotfire

Do you want to do ad-hoc analytics, perform in-depth exploration of data, or create informative, up-to-date dashboards? Then TIBCO Spotfire® is the tool. In this guide, you learn what Spotfire is, and how to get the most out of it. You will find what you can do to gain insights about your data, and how to do it in detail, all supplemented with examples that serve as a source of inspiration.

Spotfire UI

You get informed of how to get the data into an analysis, and how to visualize and interact with it to answer the questions you might have. Interactions involve anything from filtering to data of interest, drilling down to more detailed levels of the data, to performing calculations on the data.

The Spotfire user interface assists you in analyzing the data by providing recommendations on visualizations that fit the data you want to display. You can also get assistance how to add new data in good ways. Recommendations and tips are indicated using a bulb icon.

Your findings can be shared with others in different ways, and you have a lot of options to customize the visual appearance of an analysis.

In addition, you learn how to know the details of your data, and how to keep track of the data history from the initial loading to the current content after manipulating and cleansing it.

Get started

To get started, see:

The user interface

Load data

Visualize data

Analyze data

Share with others