TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Business Author User's Guide

Use annotations or conversations?

Within an analysis, you can communicate in different ways. You can add comments on visualizations using annotations, or add comments to conversations to communicate. When to use annotations and when to use conversations is described below.

The visualizations below show the difference between using annotations and using conversations.

Annotations versus conversations

Using annotations

Annotations are text messages that are added on top of visualizations. They are added for information or presentation purposes to, for example, explain what is visualized, point to interesting findings, or give instructions. In other words, the use of annotations is a one-way communication.

It is possible to display more than one annotation on top of a single visualization. Moreover, by adding subsequent annotations, you can guide a user through an analysis.

Using conversations

Adding conversations on top of visualizations is a two-way communication. In a conversation, you can collaborate on an analysis with others by exchanging comments. An on-going discussion can be held on a certain matter, and all users can contribute.

Several conversation can be associated with a visualization, but only one conversation can be visible at a time.