TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Business Author User's Guide

Using bookmarks

While performing interactive analysis, you may want to capture analysis views with interesting findings to be able to revisit them later on. The use of bookmarks makes this possible.

You can view and manage bookmarks in a popover or in a docked panel, opened by clicking Bookmark toolbar button on the menu bar. The Bookmarks panel or popover will open in the mode it was opened the last time you had it open. The image below shows the Bookmarks popover with three added bookmarks. From the popover, you add the bookmarks as well as apply them.

A bookmark is a snapshot of the current 'state' of an analysis, and it can be captured at any time. The state includes the following components:
  • Page layout and visualization setup, that is, selections on axes, coloring, formatting, and what is visible or hidden.
  • Which items have been marked.
  • Which page and visualization is active. Including whether or not the active visualization is maximized.
  • Filter settings.
  • Filter organization (applicable to bookmarks created in Spotfire Analyst).
  • Properties and property values (applicable to bookmarks created in Spotfire Analyst).

Once a bookmark is captured, you can, whenever you want, easily return to exactly what was captured.

Note: If you, after adding a bookmark, remove visualizations or pages, they will not be recreated when applying a bookmark. Neither will any pages or visualizations, which you have added after capturing a bookmark, be removed.

Private and public bookmarks

There are two kinds of bookmarks:
  • Private bookmarks (indicated by Private bookmark), which only you can use. When adding a bookmark, it is private by default.
  • Public bookmarks (indicated by Public bookmark), which are available to all users of the analysis.

In the popover/panel, private bookmarks are listed at the top and public bookmarks at the bottom.