TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Business Author User's Guide

Zooming into visualization details

You can zoom into visualization details by marking data of interest and view solely the marked data within the visualization.

About this task

For a more complete drilldown into the data, see Drilling down into details.


  1. Right-click the visualization, and select Properties in the opened menu.
    The Properties pop-over is displayed.
  2. Click Data.
    The Data section is displayed.
  3. Below Limit data using markings, select the check box representing the visualization's own marking (the marking that is selected in the Marking drop-down list).
  4. Make sure All data is selected in the drop-down list If no items are marked in the master visualization, show.
    Now you can mark data in the visualization, and the visualization will adapt to show solely the marked data. To return to the original visualization, simply click an empty visualization area.


Assume you want to take a closer look at the group of markers in the middle part of the scatter plot below. Follow the steps above, and mark the data of interest.

These steps let you zoom into this particular data as shown below.