Load To Hive

Provides a mechanism for saving a table directly to a Hive database. You can use any tabular Hadoop file as the input, as long as the data source is configured for the chosen Hive Hadoop source.

Load to Hive

Information at a Glance

Category Load Data
Data source type HD
Sends output to other operators Yes
Data processing tool


A Hadoop operator with tabular output that has been connected to a Hive table upstream in the workflow, or a Hadoop data set. The Hadoop data source must be connected to the chosen Hive database.


Parameter Description
Notes Any notes or helpful information about this operator's parameter settings. When you enter content in the Notes field, a yellow asterisk is displayed on the operator.
Hive Result Database Name The database into which the data is copied.
Hive Result Table Name The name of the table in which the data is stored. Default value: alp@user_id_@flow_id_load_0.

For more information about the variables used in the default table name, see Workflow Variables.

Drop If Exists Specify what to do if a table of the same name already exists.
  • If Yes (the default), drop the existing table of the same name and create a new one.
  • If No, stop the flow and alert the user that an error has occurred.


Visual Output
A preview of the rows of the resulting data in the destination Hive table.
Data Output
A data set that corresponds to the destination table.


Example of Load to Hive