TIBCO Spotfire Developer Documentation

TIBCO Spotfire Package Builder

TIBCO Spotfire® Package Builder provides a framework for developing, debugging, packaging and deploying extensions to Spotfire®. It is an important tool for adding custom capabilities to the Spotfire platform and can be used to sign visualization mods using a certificate from a certificate authority.

Spotfire® Package Builder is available in the SDK folder of the Spotfire Developer software, which you can download from edelivery.tibco.com. On TIBCO Cloud Spotfire, the Package Builder can be downloaded from the library, under Resources.

It is also possible to do all development, debugging and building of packages in Visual Studio. See Creating an extension using only Visual Studio.

When Spotfire Package Builder is launched, it places the additional PackageBuilderSettings.xml file in the %APPDATA%\...\Local\TIBCO\Spotfire\X.Y\Settings directory (where X.Y conforms to the version number of the Spotfire installed client and the Spotfire Package Builder).

To use Spotfire Package Builder, you must have a working installation of a Spotfire installed client on your computer.