Details on Curve Draw





Select a category of functions to limit the choices in the Function list:

Binning functions

Conversion functions

Date and Time functions

Logical functions

Math functions


Property functions

Ranking functions

Statistical functions

Text functions


Select a function by clicking on it in the list and then click on the Insert Function button to send it to the Curve expression field.

Type a search string in the text field to limit the number of items in the Functions list.

You can also click on any function and type the first letter of the desired function name to jump to a specific location in the list.


Shows a brief description of the selected function. For more detailed descriptions, see the Functions chapter.

Insert Function

Inserts the selected function at the current cursor position in the Curve expression field.

Curve expression y(x)

This is the text field in which you build your expression. You can insert functions from the lists, or enter text as in any standard text editor.

Cut/Copy/Paste works in the field using standard Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V.

It is also possible to undo/redo the last action by pressing Ctrl+Z.


Displays the status of the current expression. If this field shows an error, there is a problem with the expression.

Curve name

Specifies whether an Automatic curve name should be created, or whether you instead wish to type a Custom curve name.

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