Connector for TIBCO Spotfire® Data Streams

On this page, you find information about what you need to connect to data sources and start streaming data in Spotfire with the connector for TIBCO Spotfire® Data Streams.


Before downloading and installing any driver software for use with this connector, read the system requirements for the connector for your version of Spotfire. Make sure that your database version and driver version is supported in your version of Spotfire.

Remember that additional requirements and third party dependencies might apply for using the drivers. Refer to the official documentation from the driver vendor for more information.

Supported data sources

You can use the Spotfire Connector for Spotfire Data Streams to connect to the following data source types:

Driver information

You can connect to TIBCO Spotfire® Data Streams and TIBCO® Live Datamart without installing any additional software on your computer.


So, I'm all set up... What do I do now?

If you want to learn more about how to use this connector, see the User's Guide for TIBCO Spotfire® Analyst. There you'll find everything from basic instructions to detailed information about how you can load and analyze data in Spotfire.