Sets the current server configuration.

[-b value | --bootstrap-config=value] 
[-t value | --tool-password=value] 
<-h value | --hash=value> 
<-c value | --comment=value>


Use this command to set the current configuration to one of the existing configurations. See list-configs for more information.


Option Optional or Required Default Value Description
-b value
Optional none The path to the bootstrap configuration file. See Bootstrap.xml file for more information about this file.
-t value
Optional none The configuration tool password used to decrypt the database password in the file bootstrap.xml. If the tool password is omitted, the command prompts the user for it in the console. Refer to Bootstrap.xml file.
-h value
Required none The (possibly abbreviated) hash of the configuration to set. Must be at least the first six hexadecimal characters of the hash.
-c value
Required none A comment describing the reason for the configuration change.