Deleting groups from the system

Deleting a group does not delete any of its members from Spotfire; only the group itself is deleted. All users and groups that are members of the deleted group remain in the system. Subgroups that lose their parent group are automatically placed at the top level of the group hierarchy.

Notes: There is no recursive delete function that deletes an entire branch of the hierarchy.

You cannot delete any of the groups that Spotfire creates at installation.

Externally synchronized groups are managed in that context and not within the Spotfire system.


  1. Log in to Spotfire Server and click Users & Groups.
  2. On the Groups page, right-click the group that you want to delete, and then click Delete.
    Note: To delete several groups at the same time, select each group, right-click one of them, and then click Delete.


The deleted groups no longer appear in the groups list.
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