A group hierarchy template

This group hierarchy may serve as a starting point for designing a logical structure to meet the needs of your organization. Ease of maintenance is paramount, so design a hierarchy that can quickly accommodate personnel changes and shifting user responsibilities.

In many cases, best practice is to begin by separating out the functional units of the organization. This is an example:

Business units in company

Next, design a structure to be repeated in each second-level unit. The following example features a special group for Administrators, a Center of Excellence (COE) to support users of various ability, and an IT group to handle the most technical tasks.

The third level, consisting of Consumers, Business Authors, and Analysts, corresponds to how Spotfire is provided to the organization. Under Business Authors and Analysts there will be groups with different responsibilities that require different licenses to be enabled.

Structure within a business unit
Of course no example will fit every company. Large companies often work with Spotfire specialists to design an implementation that covers present needs and is flexible enough to handle growth and change.

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