Manually editing the server configuration in an XML or text editor

Before editing the Spotfire Server configuration in an XML editor or a text editor, you must export the configuration to an XML file.

Alternatively you can edit the configuration in the configuration tool; see Manually editing the server configuration in the configuration tool.

For general information, see Manual configuration.


  1. On the computer running Spotfire Server, open a command line as an administrator and change the directory to the location of the config.bat file ( on Linux). The default location is <installation dir>/tomcat/spotfire-bin.
  2. Export the active configuration to a configuration.xml file by using the export-config command.
    The configuration.xml file appears in your working directory.
  3. Open configuration.xml in an XML editor or a text editor and make your changes.
  4. When you have finished, save and close the file.
  5. Upload the edited configuration file back to the Spotfire database by using the import-config command.
  6. Restart the Spotfire Server; for instructions, see Start or stop Spotfire Server.


The imported configuration becomes the active configuration for that server or cluster.