Spotfire Administrator license

The Administror license, along with membership in the Administrator group, provides full administrative control over all aspects of the Spotfire environment. This license also controls basic access to the Spotfire library.

Feature Description
Important: In addition to having this license, administrators must also be members of the Administrator group for full administrator control of the library. Full control includes accessing and browsing the folder, modifying and saving items, and also changing permissions for folders and their contents.
For details about the Administrator group, see System groups.
Library Administration This license provides access to the Library Administration tool and its functionality. The tool is available in Spotfire Analyst.

Users who require administration control over only certain parts of the library should not be members of the Administrator group; for these users, the Library Administration license feature is enough. This is the recommended option for users who will administer specific sections of the library in your company.

Important: Administrators who need full control over all content in the library must also be members of the Library Administrator group. Membership in the Library Administrator group overrides all folder permissions in the library. (By default, the Administrator group is a part of the Library Administrator group, so members of the Administrator group have full control over the library.)