Adding software packages to a deployment area

When Spotfire releases updates, or if your company creates custom tools or other software elements, the administrator adds these to a deployment area so that they can be uploaded to Spotfire Server. Then the server distributes the new software to the appropriate groups, as selected by the administrator.

For general information, see Deployments and deployment areas.


  1. Log in to Spotfire Server and click Deployments & Packages.
  2. In the left pane, under Deployment areas, select a deployment area.
    Note: It is recommended that you first test the software on a deployment area that is not in production.
  3. Optional: If the deployment area contains any software packages that are not currently needed, delete them. (For instructions, see Removing packages from a deployment area.)
  4. In the "Software packages" pane, click Add packages.
  5. In the "Add packages" dialog, click Choose File, locate and select the file you want to add, and click Open.
  6. In the "Add packages" dialog, click Upload.
    The added packages are displayed in the "Software packages" pane.
    Note: If you want to start over again, you can return to the last saved version of the deployment area by clicking Revert all.
  7. To confirm that the packages are error-free, in the "Software packages" pane click Validate area.
  8. To save the new packages, click Save area.
  9. In the "Save deployment" dialog, if you want the Spotfire clients to automatically accept the update when they are opened (rather than having the user decide when to accept the update), select the Force client update check box.
  10. Click Save area.