Executing commands on the command line

The command line offers more experienced administrators quick access to a wider variety of options than the configuration tool.


You must have administrative credentials for Spotfire Server.


  1. On the computer running Spotfire Server, open a command line as an administrator and change the directory to the location of the config.bat file (config.sh on Linux). The default location is <server installation dir>/tomcat/spotfire-bin.
    This is where you execute commands.
    Note: You can also execute commands on a local computer rather than the server computer; for details, see Executing commands on a local computer.
  2. Export the active server configuration (the configuration.xml file) by using the export-config command. Example:
    config export-config --tool-password=mypassword
  3. On the command line, enter config (config.sh on Linux) followed by the command and any required parameters.
  4. After you have finished running commands, upload the modified configuration back to the Spotfire database by using the import-config command. The configuration that you import becomes the active configuration for that server or cluster. Example:
    config import-config --tool-password=mypassword --comment=what was changed
  5. Restart Spotfire Server; for instructions, see Start or stop Spotfire Server.
    Note: Because the configuration.xml file contains confidential information, you may want to restrict access to it.
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