Spotfire.Dxp.Worker.Automation.config file

This configuration file is used for configurations that are specific to Automation Services .

Setting Default value Description
   maxWaitTimeForTaskBackgroundJobToFinishSeconds 180 The number of seconds to wait for background thread execution to finish after the task finished executing.
   maxConcurrentJobs -1 The number of jobs that are allowed to execute in parallel. If 0 or less, this is set to the number of CPU cores on the machine.
Note: The number of executing jobs can be less than the specified value if the service instance is exhausted. For more information, see WebPlayer_AverageCpuLoadExhaustedLimit in Spotfire.Dxp.Worker.Host.exe.config file.
   useKerberos False Set to "True" to run Automation Services jobs as a specific Windows account when delegated Kerberos is enabled in the environment. If set to "False", jobs will be run using the node manager service account.

To specify the Windows account, add the following section:

<kerberosIdentity userName="domain\username" password="password" /> and specify the account username and password.

   allowDeleteOfFilesModifiedLastMinutes 30 The Send Email task can delete files after they have been sent. To avoid deleting files that should be kept, only files that have been created and modified in the timeframe specified in this setting can be deleted. The default value is 30 minutes. If set to "0", no files can be deleted. If set to "-1", all files can be deleted.
   allowAll True By default, Automation Services tasks can read files from, and write files to any directory in the file system. Set this to False to only allow tasks to read from and write to directories specified in the <allowedFilePaths> section.
Note: To be able to restrict the allowed paths for custom tasks, the custom tasks must use the validation function in the Automation Services API.
<add path=""/> Add an <add path=""/> row for each directory the Automation Services tasks should be allowed to read from and write to. Paths can be relative to the Automation Service installation directory on the node, local paths, or network paths. For example:
<allowedFilePaths allowAll="false">
     <add path=".\Temp\" />
     <add path="C:\Temp\" />
     <add path="\\MyServer\Spotfire Exported PDF\" />
Note: Added allowed paths are compared to all directories and files starting with what was added. For example, if you add C:\Temp as an allowed path, both the directory C:\Temp\ and a file called C:\Tempfile.txt would be allowed. If you want to make sure that only a specific folder is allowed, add a backslash at the end, for example C:\Temp\.
   port 25 The port to use when connecting to the SMTP server.
   useTls False Set to "True" to use Transport Layer Security (TLS) when connecting to the SMTP server.
   timeoutSeconds 100 The maximum number of seconds before the Send command times out.
   useWindowsDefaultCredentials False Set to "True" to use the windows credentials of the account that executes the node manager when accessing the SMTP server. If username and password is set, this is not used.
   username The username to use when authenticating with the SMTP server.
   password The password to use when authenticating with the SMTP server.
   useCertificates False Set to "True" to use client certificates when accessing the SMTP server.
   storeLocation The store location to take the certificate from [CurrentUser|LocalMachine].
   storeName The name of the store to take the certificate from [AddressBook|AuthRoot|CertificateAuthority|Disallowed|My|Root|TrustedPeople|TrustedPublisher].
   serialNumber The serial number of the certificate.
   forceUpdateBehaviorManualWhenEmbeddingData True Set to "True" to force embedding of data function-based data sources, such as On-demand.
   Spotfire.Automation.SendMail.SMTPHost Specify the SMTP Host for Email Notification.
   Spotfire.Automation.SendMail.FromAddress Specify the From Address for Email Notification.
   Spotfire.Automation.LibraryImport.TimeoutInSeconds 300 Specify the timeout (seconds) for the library import operation for the Import Library task.
   Spotfire.Automation.LibraryExport.TimeoutInSeconds 300 Specify the timeout (seconds) for the library export operation for the Export Library task.