Server.xml file

Spotfire Server is implemented as a Tomcat web application. For this reason, it uses a standard Tomcat web application configuration file, server.xml, to store information it needs when starting. This file is stored in the <installation dir>/tomcat/conf/ directory.

In general, there are two reasons that an administrator might edit this file:
  • To change port numbers after installation.
  • To tweak Tomcat behavior.
Note that each Spotfire Server in a cluster has a server.xml file.
Note: The variable [SpotfirePort] is set when running the Spotfire Server installer. The variable [ServerHostname]-srv is automatically set by the installer by adding the strings -srv to the server's hostname. This variable must not contain any characters that need escaping, such as "."

For details about the server.xml syntax, see Apache Tomcat documentation at

For information on editing the file, see Manually editing the server.xml file.

Server hostname example

Note: By default Spotfire Server has three pre-configured connectors. Connectors with connectorType="registration" and connectorType="backend" should not be touched. The public connector (it has no connectorType specified explicitly) can be modified or commented out for load balancing and other purposes.