Configures clustering.

[-c value | --configuration=value] 
[-b value | --bootstrap-config=value] 
[-e <true|false> | --enabled=<true|false>]
[-p value | --port=value] 
[-s <true|false> | --secure-transport=<true|false>]


Use this command to configure clustering.


Option Optional or Required Default Value Description
-c value
Optional configuration.xml The path to the server configuration file.
-b value
Optional none The path to the bootstrap configuration file. See Bootstrap.xml file for more information about this file.
-e <true|false>
Optional true No op parameter left for backwards compatibility. The value defaults to true and does not need to be specified.
-p value
Optional 5701 The new value for TCP/IP port used for clustering. Shared among all nodes in cluster.
-s <true|false>
Optional none The secure transport flag used by Apache Ignite.